Which of these electric cars is right for you?

1 June 2020

With 70% of drivers considering an electric car for their next vehicle, the long-awaited shift to electromobility is here. If you’re one of the millions of people who think an electric car could be for you, we’re here to help you make up your mind with this comparison of three of the most popular electric cars on our order book - the Audi e-tron, Jaguar i-Pace and the Tesla Model 3.

Charging and range

The first thing most drivers want to know when thinking about electric cars is how far they’ll be able to travel without needing to charge and how long it takes to top up the battery. So, let’s start there.

The Audi e-tron 55 Sportback quattro comes with a 95kWh battery and a WLTP range of 235 miles. It can be charged overnight at home using an 11kWh home charging point or from 0% to 80% (or 188 miles) in just 45 minutes at rapid motorway charging stations. The next generation of 150Kwh chargers are due to reduce that to just 30 minutes. In terms of efficiency, the Audi e-tron offers the electric car equivalent of 110mpg.

Compare the e-tron to the Jaguar i-Pace and you’ll find you get a few more miles from Jaguar’s battery which offers 292 miles without needing to charge. It also has fast-charger technology which takes the battery from 0% to 80% in 44 minutes using a rapid-charging station. At home, you’ll be able to charge overnight using a standard three-pin socket in 13 hours and 30 minutes. The i-Pace is more economical than the Audi e-tron providing 140mpg as its vehicle fuel equivalent.

Then there’s the Tesla Model 3 Long Range. Renowned for its extensive single-charge mileage, this car will take you 348 miles without needing to stop - that’s the vehicle fuel equivalent of 194mpg. And with rapid charge technology its battery can be boosted from 0% to 80% in just 22 minutes using a rapid motorway charger. Or just under eight hours using an 11kWh home charger.

As you can see, the Model 3 is the most efficient car in terms of charging and range. But does it tick the box in other areas? Read on to find out.

Body style and space

If you’ll only consider an SUV body shape, the Tesla Model 3 - which has sporty saloon styling - is out. The Audi e-tron retains the manufacturer’s usual muscular physique and it’s the biggest of the three cars being longer and wider than the Jaguar i-pace (although not taller). The e-tron seats five and also comes with the roof rails you’d expect from an SUV. Inside the car provides ample storage space with 615 litres for cargo, increasing to 1655 litres if you drop the seats.

In comparison, the Jaguar i-pace also seats five although taller passengers might feel compromised by the slope of the roof which reduces the head height in the back seats. Perhaps surprisingly, the car doesn’t come with roof rails so you might need to put more luggage in the boot. With its smaller dimensions there’s room for 505 litres of cargo space, although this doubles with the seats down.

As you might expect from a saloon car, the Tesla Model 3 can also seat five and does not provide roof rails. However, its cargo volume is bigger than the Jaguar with 542l of space, although there’s no data on whether this can be expanded if the seats are dropped. What makes the Model 3 stand out is its panoramic glass roof that comes as standard.

Interestingly, despite the difference in style and size, all three cars can tow up to 750kg braked, something few other electric vehicles can do.

Interior, infotainment and technology

Audi is known for its quality interiors and the e-tron lives up the brand’s usual standards. As a large car, the driving position is nice and high giving good visibility of the road. With fully adjustable front seats, four-way lumbar support and plenty of steering wheel adjustment options, the e-tron is a comfortable car for both short and long drives.

The e-tron’s 10.1 inch touchscreen provides access to the stereo, phone, sat-nav and vehicle settings. Parking sensors and a rear-view camera are included as standard with a 360-degree camera available as an option.

Jump into the Jaguar i-Pace and you’ll find you’re closer to the road than in the e-tron. As you might expect from a sports car brand, sport seats come as standard and provide plenty of support over longer journeys. A slick 12.3 inch digital display can be set up to your design and configuration including climate control so there’s no need to fiddle around with the screen as you drive.

Jaguar provides a 360-degree camera and rear cross-traffic alert as standard. The touchscreen allows you to access the satnav, phone and stereo function plus you can set specific preferences based on individual drivers’ key fobs so the car’s set up and ready to go for whoever’s driving.

Tesla is well known for its unique approach to technology and the Model 3 doesn’t disappoint. Everything - and we mean everything - is controlled from an enormous touchscreen which spans the front dashboard. Parking sensors at the front and rear plus a rear-view camera are provided and, in comparison to other more typical saloons, the Model 3 provides a relatively high driving position.

Is the finish as slick as other EVs? Possibly not, but the Model 3 is renowned for delivering great range rather than its high-end finish. And of course, there’s the money to consider. Take up a Tesla Model 3 and you’ll find the monthly amount is far lower than for the Audi e-tron or Jaguar i-Pace.

Which car you choose will depend on a combination of all the factors we’ve outlined in this article. But money is important too. So, if you want to find out how much would be deducted from your monthly pay for each of these cars, login or create your account to get a bespoke quote.

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